Açaí with cupuaçu

Açaí with cupuaçu

Açaí is one of the darlings of the Brazilian summer. It is a good ally in hot weather because, in addition to refreshing, it provides energy and satiety. Now, can you imagine all this mixed with cupuaçu, which brings several benefits such as vitamins, phosphorus and iron? It's a perfect marriage of benefits and flavor!

With that in mind, the TudoReceitas team decided to give you the best açaí and cupuaçu recipe. In addition to being super easy, it's quick and yields a very healthy icy beat. Keep reading and follow all our directions.

Ingredients for making açaí with cupuaçu:

 1 cup of frozen açaí pulp

 2 frozen bananas

 2 tablespoons of condensed milk

 ½ cup coconut water

 2 tablespoons of frozen cupuaçu pulp

 coconut chips to decorate

How to make açaí with cupuaçu:

To make this cupuaçu cream with açaí, you must add the açaí pulp, condensed milk, bananas in a blender and beat until mixed to obtain a cream. Reserve this mixture.

Tip: Don't overwhip these ingredients so the mixture doesn't runny.

Also in a blender, beat the cupuaçu pulp with the coconut water. Add this cream on top of the açaí.

Decorate with coconut chips and presto, you have a delicious and nutritious açaí with cupuaçu. Check out more refreshing options for the summer at:

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Did you like this delicious combination? You can accompany it with granola and chopped strawberries too. Or do you prefer other combinations? Leave your opinion and a photo of the result in the comments.

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Açaí and cupuaçu: the unbeatable pair

Açaí and cupuaçu are typical fruits of the North region of Brazil. They are foods rich in various nutrients, antioxidants, iron, vitamins, etc. The combination of açaí and cupuaçu is perfect because, together, they offer a good dose of energy and satiety both for everyday life and for physical activities. You may be interested to read about the mango lassi recipe blogpost/ basil mayonnaise recipe/ polenta gnocchi recipe/ golden honey recipe/ Moroccan lentil salad recipe.